Quest Tool Suite: SynEval

SynEval is the tool which is used by an assessor respectively the lead assessor to analyse the results of several interviews and assessments. The evaluation mechanism of SynEval works conform ISO 15504 (SPICE).


SynEval 2.0 is compatible with each Quest assessment tool. If you use SynEval with two or more different assessment tools, then you will need a SynEval license for each assessment tool. However you only need to install SynEval once. Of course all the assessments designed by yourself with SynEdit can be evaluated using SynEval.




There are three procedures for using SynEval:

  1. Several assessments (interviews) of an assessment week are consolidated (put together)
  2. Multiple interviews can be categorised to groups and than analysed. The grouping can be done from several viewpoints, e.g. you can group together small, medium and big projects, or compare Host/PC/Web projects, or projects from different departments or business areas. With SynEval you will get exactly the picture which represents the way you want to see the world.
  3. Quite similar to 2.) you can create groups, but this time in respect to the chronological order. E.g. you can compare your assessment results from 2000 to 2001 to 2002 etc...


SynEval consolidates thousends of numbers! Still hundreds of different charts can be displayed, but these are arranged in such a way that the (lead) assessor easily can put the relevant results together, e.g. to create a report or a paper for presentation.