Quest Tool Suite: SynEdit

SynEdit is a tool to enhance or modify an assessment tool to your individual needs. With SynEdit you can create your own assessment tool with your own assessment model and reference model. It is also suited for enhancing existing reference models, e.g. to create links to your Intranet. SynEdit enables you to change the layout and design, as well as change all captions, labels and text.




SynEdit has helped us to create lots of different Assessment Tools. If you want to create more than one assessment tool, then you need a SynEdit license for each assessment tool. However you only need to install SynEdit once.

SynEdit is delivered with an empty questionnaire (process model).


To be able to perform assessments with the assessment tool, then you will need at least one license of one of the Quest tools. Such licenses start at € 500.

Of course all the assessments, performed with your own assessment tool, can be evaluated using SynEval.