Software Development

We've been concentrating on conceptions and implementations of individual, customized and client-specific software-solutions. As just in this special domain it is essential not to lag behind, but to keep up with the latest technology.

And this is why all our applications are based on the latest .NET technology and are qualified for all Windows-platforms. We develop stand-alone Visual Basic .NET applications as well as web-applications systems via ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.

Our staff is skilled with longtime experience and passes this knowledge on at the local Univeristies of Applied Science. Thus the basis of our work is profounded knowledge of technology as well as a structured approach.


Software projects & references

Benchmarking applications

As an internal project we developed a benchmarking server, which manages several hundreds of business-process-asessment-values from different methods. This data is anonymous and can be grouped by individual requirements or various criterias. In this way the benchmaring server allows a comparison with business-processes from other companies. For bigger companies it also providesthere the possibility to do internal benchmarkings.

The benchmarking server can be used in combination with all our tools.

Teledermatological applications

In cooperation with EDC we implemented the project "Teleulcus". This application facilitates and expedites the process of diagnostics and keeps the patient from suffering and efforts.

Virtual medical campus

Under the direction of Stefan Vejda we developed the virtual medical campus for the Medical University of Graz. This application is a centralized web-platform, which manages and provides multimedia files as learning-objects.

Computer based training

The CBT is an authoring-tool for computer-supported lectures at the VMC. It is used for easy creation of learning-programms with sophisticated means of feedback and it even allows the integration of images or LOMs.

Virtual microscope

The virtual microscope has been developed as a specialized learning object for the Medical University of Graz. It is a server-application that provides images in different resolutions over the internet.

GSM - tracking

Based on the abilities of GSM, we developed an application that is able to locate and track a cellphone within a mobile-phone-network. Currently this application is used by a German security company.

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