Quest Tool Suite

Assessments are an established and proven means for:

  • understanding processes
  • identifying champions
  • comparing groups or departments internally
  • comparing your organisation amongst others (benchmark)
  • establishing a communication culture
  • increasing motivation
  • putting your strategy into action.


Advantages for your organisation:

  • Concentration of your available forces on the relevant tasks
  • Alignment to clear and recognized goals that can be reached within time
  • Improved motivation and solidarity of all staff members
  • Increases transparency and thus better communication and coordination - internally and externally.

Source: Survey from the Bristol Quality Centre at organisations that already performed assessments.


The Quest product family consists of two parts:


The Quest Methodology The Quest Software Tools
Procedures for data gathering, accompaniment and controlling projects, initiatives or management measures. The methodology is implicitly covered by the tools.  A set of software applications, which assist to apply the Quest methodology - or to say it clear: They let you implement the methodology most effective and efficient.
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Which philosophy is in it?

Continuous Improvement is more than a management method. It is an attitude, which involves the whole organisation, each employee including all managers.
Aimless changes are not enough to achieve success. Only a strategic improvement pro-gramme that harmonizes with your busi-ness strategy leads to measurable success and navigates you in the direction of your vision.
Using the Quest methodology it is possible to bring about the necessary enduring changes - and all with the benevolent and enthusiastic support of your colleagues and employees.


Three steps for your success:

1. Definition: Describe the questions and processes in harmony with your strategy.

2. Assessment: Determine your current position and involve colleagues.

3. Improvement: Change your processes in a way you will move nearer to your vision.


In Detail:

1. About the Definition:
Don't fear you don't have to invent everything on your own! Topics like ISO9000, environmental management, financial controlling, IT purchasing, software development are already elaborated and established.


2. About the Assessment:
A systematic and prepared assessment delivers all relevant and necessary key figures which help to take up the right measures to avoid serious problems in the future and to give your colleagues and employees the right insight into the relevant business strategy drivers.


3. About the Improvement:
Now it is an easy job: all changes you intend to initiate are fully supported by your staff because during the assessment they understood what they are striking for. They have identified the need for action on their own. No one will resist against your changes! The measures are implemented in an own project with a designated project manager, budget, activities, milestones and measurable targets.


It works:

We have the necessary templates, methods and tools to implement improvements efficiently and effectively. From authoring software (1.) to assessment tools (2.) up to benchmarking server (3.) - we cover all aspects of that philosophy...
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Our Methodology:

Our scientific (TU Graz) evolved methodology guarantees a quick, simple and precise procedure - no stress for your staff, no additional costs and overhead.
Per group or department, an assessment usually takes half a day or less
The results are international comparable to our benchmarking database containing more than 300 company profiles.
The methodology is generic and can be configured to different topics - especially those that are important to you.


Our Services:

  • Training for the assessment methodologies (self assessment)
  • Support for the assessment (guided business assessment)
  • Comparison with other organisations (benchmarking)
  • Development of company specific assessment tools (custom assessment)
  • Development of company specific strategic management systems (ScoreCard)