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Update: Quest Tool Version 3.3.28

2022-11-05 19:49

SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive PAM 3.1 inkl. Organization SPiCE available now!

Assessment Software Update V3.3.28

New: Organization SPiCE PAM 1.0

Additionally to HWE+MEC+Cybersecurity, the current version also includes the Organization SPiCE PAM 1.0 in English and German. New processes are

  • PIM.1 Process Establishment
  • RIN.2 Skill Development
  • QNT.1 Quantitative Performance Management
  • QNT.2 Process Improvement


PAM 3.1 and HWE 2.0 + MEC 1.8 + SEC 1.0
For a complete list of all changes please read the changelog.

Beyond the usual assessment features, the assessor can switch between English and German during the assessment.


For further information please visit the corresponding product website.

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