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Update: PAM 4.0 and Quest Tool Version 3.3.31

2024-05-04 23:37

SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive PAM 4.0 now with MEC & SEC & ORG

ASPiCE PAM 4.0 and Assessment Software Update V3.3.31

New: Automotive SPiCE PAM 4.0

Additionally to the new PAM - which includes also process groups for hardware engineering, validation, and machine learning - the new assessment tool includes the following PAMs

  • MEC Mechanical Engineering 2.0
  • SEC Automotive SPiCE für CyberSecurity 1.0
  • ORG Organization SPiCE 3.0

And: also the rules from guidelines 2.0 are included!

All PAMs are provided in English and German (switchable).

The new PAM uses a different capability dimension. Therefore the new PAM is available in a seperate tool, which can be installed and operated in parallel to the existing PAM 3.1 tool.

PAM 4.0 and MEC 2.0 + SEC 1.0 + ORG 1.0

For further information please visit the corresponding product website.

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