What about SPICE 1-2-1 and CMM?

Now there is a newer version of CMM (Capability Maturity Model) available, it is called: CMMI (CMM Integrated). This CMMI is a direct successor of the well known CMM version 1.1 and it arrived instead of CMM 2.0. The good message is: CMMI claims to be SPICE (ISO 15504) "compatible and compliant". So now, in theory, a SPICE 1-2-1 assessment (calculated according to SPICE results) would be comparable to a CMMI assessment. But in practice, the assignment to the CMMI Process Areas is not that easy, because there sometimes is a different picture of the world behind. More info can be found at www.cmmiinstitute.com or if you are more happy if you can check it out from the viewpoint of the assessment tool, then visit CMM-Quest.com.


Should I as a project manager perform an assessment alone?

No! Never! The big value of performing an assessment consists not only of a simple judgment of your current situation - it is much more: the confrontation of different opinions and viewpoints in your organization! For example, take your project manager, a software engineer and a tester and do the assessment together! You will be astonished how you could live up to today with that different opinions in your organization.



What does an assessment "bring"?

If you are satisfied a 100% with the current situation, then you don't need an assessment.

But: "If you stop becoming better, you just stopped to be good."


And an assessment helps you and your colleagues to identify your potential as well as the dangerous potholes on your way to success. Our assessment tools are used in many organizations to create the right atmosphere of motivation and information to enable changes into the right direction.
Because "Motivation without Information is Illusion"