Quest Tool Suite: ConCatenator & SPiCE Master-Tool

Using the ConCatenator you can prepare a situation-specific questionnaire which enables you to perform an assessment which spans among several standards.

Save time and money: for example you can combine the requirements from ISO 15504, 20000 und 27000 in one big assessment/audit - doing it in one run - and so you don't need to evaluate your organisation in numerous separate meetings.


Now the SPiCE Master-Tool is actually the software you use to perform assessments. The SPiCE Master-Tool is capable to interprete combined questionnaires - which were produced by the ConCatenator using e.g. ISO 15504, 20000 oder 27000 - so you can take notes & ratings, evaluate the processes using the algorithms from SPiCE, and produce assessment reports (Word, Powerpoint).

The assessment files are structured in a way which enables you to use the tool SynEval for performing detailed analysis and evaluations. For example you can show up the development of process capability over the last years for certain processes, or you compare the ratings amongst different teams, organisational units or different locations.


To be able to assess efficiently against the different standards relevant for your organisation - within the framework of your quality management system - you will need a package of three licenses::

License 1: ConCatenator




You only need one single license for the ConCatenator tool. Usually this license ist used by the quality manager of the organisation (or his deputy) to produce and manage the specific configurations of questionnaires.

License 2: SPiCE-Tools







The ConCatenator needs input: two or more questionnaires from our SPiCE-Assessment Tools are needed (using only one questionnaire makes no sense for the ConCatenator).

Fortunately you only need one license for each SPiCE-Tool you use.

To get the ConCatenator running correctly, you have to install and activate the software via Internet (activation needs to be done only once) and also on the same PC you need to install and activate all acquired SPiCE assessment tools. Then you are ready to use the ConCatenator to combine processes from all the questionnaires. Each combination can be stored in its own folder on the file system.

License 3: Master-Tool





Each internal or external assessor needs his/her own license of the SPiCE-Master Tool to be able to perform assessments.

Once the tool is installed and activated via Internet, it can interprete all questionnaires which were produced by the ConCatenator. You simply need to copy the folder containing the questionnaire to your PC and then use this quesionnaire as a template for the assessment. You can use several different configurations in parallel on one computer.


If you are interested, we provide an individual offer for you, which fits your organisation's needs. Contact us!