HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH

The "HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH", short "HM&S" was founded to provide research and development in the area software engineering respectively especially for the topic analysis and assessment of software processes.


The foundation was guided by TU-Graz and the company SynSpace.

The Technical University Graz, especially the Institute for Software Technology was a main contributer for the development of the ESPRIT Project 5441 "Bootstrap" which was the European version of the well known CMM (Capability Maturity Model). The practical experiences gained from the performance of Bootstrap Assessments were later used as an input for the development of SPICE/ISO 15504 "Process Assessment".

At the time of the foundation of HM&S, the company SynSpace with subsidaries in Freiburg (Germany), Basel and Genf (both Switzerland) was the market leader for performing Bootstrap Assessments. The knowledge from the software branch and the colorful field of specialists and consultants have significantly contributed to the development and optimisation of the software packages SPiCE-Lite and SPICE121.

In the meanwhile, at HM&S a stable core team with four employees has been established. Depending on project type and size, up to 15 other persons are coached and integrated. This has lead to the successfull completion of several different projects during the recent years.


Our Know-how is derived from a unique combination of

  • University contacts
  • International contacts
  • Experiences collected in consulting activities
  • Adoption in our own organisation

The topics and the focus has been widened during the years so today we are stressing:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Process Assessments and Improvement
  • Process Assessments (in general) resp. ISO 15504
  • Software Quality Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Technology Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Workflow Systems
  • E-Business Systems

Beyond this the participation at the development of several research issues and assessment methodologies has accumulated additional know-how concerning the following areas:

  • New Media in Teaching at Austrian Universities
  • Environmental Management (ISO 14000, EMAS)
  • Regional Tourism Development
  • Multi Project Management
  • Component based development
  • IT Procurement
  • Quality Management in Schools
  • Financial Controlling
  • Employee Guidance and Satisfaction


Products & Portfolio

Assessment Tools

We offer a wide range of Assessment Tools for different application domains, based upon proven assessment methodologies. Everything started with our self-assessment tool SPiCE-Lite, which immediately reduced the effort for performing an assessment by 80%. In the mean while, international standards like SPICE have also the same structure, so now we can offer assessment tools compliant and compatible to ISO 15504 (e.g.: SPICE121).     


Quest Tool Suite

The whole methodology for the performance of assessments with the tools is collected in this suite. With that the whole philosophy of continuous improvement can easily be adapted to the given framework and it is possible to let your own organisation or branche profit from the advantages of the assessment methodology. The Tool Suite contains tools like SynEdit and SynEval.


Consulting, Training & Services

We share our knowledge with you: Doing assessments, consulting for software engineering topics/assessments, seminars, and in-house trainings.
Furthermore we develop customer specific software, especially web systems based upon Microsoft technology.